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“…Whipping up delicious dishes with what’s on hand” usually depends on what was or is on sale. I’ve been an extreme couponer for several years and if not for BOGOs with matching store and manufacturer coupons, we definitely wouldn’t be eating as well as we do. Food prices are on the rise–especially meat–and I don’t see any of it coming down any time soon. Our income is wholly dependent on the new housing industry and everyone knows how unpredictable that is. With that in mind, what I whip up is contingent upon on what I find in my very large pantry, fridge, and/or freezer. We’re not highbrow sophisticates; just ordinary folk who love to eat affordable, great tasting food. 🙂

You’ll see a variety dishware, including paper plates. Ain’t nobody got time for getting fancy every day. 😁😜

About the pictures – I am neither a creative food stager, nor a professional photographer. I’m in the process of taking new pics with a new DSLR camera (my cellphone is always at hand and so much easier) to replace the really crappy ones taken with an old Kodak or Nikon Coolpix S6300 (that was purchased more for its ability to film/record in 1080p with stereo sound. Two of our sons are musicians and the other is into outdoor sporting.) So, please try to look past the blurry, cloudy (steam from hot food), off-center, washed out, too dark images, ugly dishes, or a messy kitchen in the background. I operate on the school of thought, what you see on my plate is likely what you’ll see on yours (unless you spend a lot of time staging your culinary masterpieces for your family). 😀

This website will always be a work-in-progress. I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect color scheme and imagery to convey my current artistic mood. Don’t be surprised if you drop in and find a completely new theme on the site. 😊

I love smileys and exclamation marks! 😋

Please print coupons from the various links found on the site. I hope to use any proceeds to help pay for the domain and hosting here. The same goes for any ads or affiliate advertising I might try. It’s all an effort to have the website pay for itself.

Not every plate photographed is mine. I’m usually on a low-cal diet. If the recipe or plate is loaded with calories, fat, and/or carbs, bear in mind my husband and sons aren’t dieting. 😃




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