Danish Frikadelle “Meatballs” with Gravy

Danish Frikadelle "Meatballs" with Gravy | Culinary Craftiness

Danish Frikadelle or frikadeller are egg-shaped ground pork/veal/beef meatballs. They’re a beloved historical specialty in Denmark. Delicious! Continue Reading →

Simple Yet Delicious Old-Fashioned Fried Pork Chops


I don’t fry many things these days, but sometimes the simple, old-fashioned ways really are the best for certain foods. I’ve used several different recipes for baking pork chops and Continue Reading →

Homemade Breaded Tenderloins


It’s a Midwestern thing. More specifically, a Hoosier thing in my case. 😎 People in the south have no idea what this is. What it is, is a piece of Continue Reading →