I’ll Be Back!


Hello, friends and followers!

I thought I should drop in to say I’ve not fallen off the map or stopped whipping up delicious dishes to share. I’ve just been busy, busy with youngest son, Noah, on the cusp of graduating from high school. Lots of party planning going on and cool book-making for gift giving. I’ve been buried in thousands upon thousands of fabulous pictures over the last several weeks, crying over so many “firsts”  and “lasts.”  It’s hard to believe how fast 18 years can fly by. 😥 Of course, we have lots of new firsts to look forward to so all my tears are happy and thankful. God has blessed us with awesome kids who keep us smiling and laughing at every turn!

I’ll be back in a month or so. Until then, hop on Pinterest and explore everything under the sun! My boards are full, and not just with foodie stuff, on both Crafty Cuisine and Lis’Anne Harris! Have fun and find some great dishes from around the world to give a try! 🤗



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