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Happy New Year! Thank you so much to my subscribers, facebook/twitter followers, and random visitors for dropping by Culinary Craftiness over 2,400 times since the very first post on April 17, 2014! It may not seem like a lot, but to me it’s huge! There are a plethora of cooking sites out there and I’m so glad you found something to tempt you at CC. People like you make sharing recipes and little foodie stories worthwhile. Keep whipping up delicious dishes in your own kitchens and make 2015 the tastiest year ever!

God bless and be safe in all that you do!

Happy New Year 2015 | Culinary Craftiness

This is our favorite New Year’s Day tradition – Halupkis! For some reason, my mom always said eating cabbage on the first day of the new year would bring good fortune. An Asian thing? Cause in the southern U.S., it’s something about black-eyed peas. 🤔

Anyway, I fell in love with Halupki-Spetzofai Stewed Meatballs at first bite. We at first thought the spelling was “hiluki” and that they were of Greek origin. They’re crazy good giant meatballs roasted in cabbage, green bell peppers, and stewed tomatoes. That’s it! Nothing more – except a little salt and pepper. My sister-in-law made it for a family gathering many, many years ago and the smell alone sucked me in. Her husband’s family is Greek and it came to her from her mother-in-law. Turns out, the origin of this particular recipe is a melding of two recipes – one for Ukrainian Halupkis and Greek Spetzofai. Thank heavens Jimmie and the boys loved it, too! Even if they hadn’t, I would’ve forced them to eat it with me at least once a year so I wouldn’t eat the whole pot by myself. I am always on a diet, after all. 

Ukrainian-Greek Halupki-Spetzofai Stewed Meatballs | Culinary Craftiness

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