Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole

Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole – Firstly, hello, CC friends! Our baby graduated from high school, the party was a smashing success, and hanging with friends and family who came from out of state was super fun! We spent a perfect day at St. Augustine Beach, and thankfully, no one was bitten by a shark. After hearing the news over the last few weeks of numerous shark bite victims, it should make everyone think twice about venturing more than ankle-deep into the waves. The ocean is a shark-filled soup bowl, after all, and you look like a tender morsel of meat. Have a fun, yet safe, summer!

Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole | Culinary Craftiness

I must confess, I took it pretty easy in the kitchen all of last month. I whipped up such delights as Pigs in a Blanket, Italian Chicken, and spaghetti with jarred sauce and a bag of pre-made meatballs. It really couldn’t have gotten much easier than that, unless we ate out. Seems like we did a fair amount of that, too! One of the easy meals I made was Crescent Pizza Casserole. This was so full of ooey gooey goodness, it was hard not to go back for seconds even when I was stuffed after firsts!

Ooey Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole | Culinary Craftiness

Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole

Use whatever pizza toppings you love most. Buy the pre-chopped veggies in the produce department if you’d rather go the super easy route. Pile on whatever you want under the cheese layer. Or heck, pile it on top of the cheese if that’s how you roll.  Don’t have crescent rolls on hand, but do have canned biscuits? Use them!

All pictures show this recipe doubled.

  • Coat the cut crescent rolls in pizza sauce | Culinary Craftiness
  • Cover crescent pieces in pizza sauce | Culinary Craftiness
  • Stir in cooked and drained sausage | Culinary Craftiness
  • Spread in baking dish | Culinary Craftiness
  • Top with pepperoni | Culinary Craftiness
  • Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole | Culinary Craftiness
  • Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole | Culinary Craftiness
  • Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole | Culinary Craftiness


We eat a lot of pizza in this house. All kinds from Totino’s frozen (favorite of all the guys) to several different styles of homemade to a any number of pizza joints that deliver to our address. The Piezilla from Five Star is great for feeding a crew – it’s a whopping 24″ pie! Furthermore, the crust isn’t tough and chewy like those from a wood-fired pizza oven. However, I believe the family favorite is my homemade using Jiffy pizza crust. It’s unique and delicious, but the Gooey Crescent Pizza Casserole is definitely easier and quicker! I talk about Jiffy in my Homemade Pizza Dough post. 🍕

Happy eating!

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