5 Foods to Eat for Better Sleep


Guest post by Krista Harper

Getting quality sleep is crucial for your health. When you have slept properly, you get a host of benefits not only to your body, but also to your mind. In fact, you considerably cut down the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses, boost your immune system, your digestive system and even keep your brain functioning at an optimal level. If you struggle to rest, don’t worry – it’s possible to enhance your sleep by eating certain foods. In this article, we’ll explore foods that you should consider eating before bed to experience a quality of sleep. Here are 5 foods to eat for better sleep.


This is a popular tree nut with a lot of health benefits. It is one of the few nuts that actually promote the quality of sleep people have. This can be attributed to the nut being a booster of the sleep regulating hormone melatonin. What’s more, almonds have a wide variety of nutrients such as 14% of your daily need of phosphorus, 17% of riboflavin, and 32% of manganese. Magnesium is crucial in promoting sleep since it helps reduce inflammation and regulate cortisol which majorly interrupts the sleep cycle.

Foods to Eat for Better Sleep | Culinary Craftiness


Not only is turkey delicious, it’s also very nutritious. Many people often feel the need to sleep after consuming a meal of turkey. This is attributed to the amino acid tryptophan which has been found to increase the production of melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. It also has plenty of protein, which means it’s good for your overall health, too.

Chamomile tea

If you love taking some tea before bed, then chamomile tea is the one for you. Apart being one of the most nutritious teas around, it is also crucial in helping people fight insomnia. The tea has been found to have quite the flux of antioxidants which can greatly reduce inflammation, boost the body’s immune system, improve skin health, and also help with depression. This particular tea also contains apigenin, an antioxidant which has been found to bind to certain areas of the brain which reduce insomnia significantly and promote sleepiness.

Foods to Eat for Better Sleep | Culinary Craftiness

Fatty fish

Fish with high content of fatty oils such as trout, tuna, salmon, and mackerel are usually incredibly healthy foods to consume. What sets them apart is their high vitamin D content and omega 3 fatty acids. For instance, just a 3.5-ounce serving of salmon contains about 525–990 IU of vitamin D. The fatty acids therein also help out a lot when it comes to inflammation and the likes. The combination of the two elements significantly boosts the production of serotonin, which is crucial in promoting sleep in the brain.

Foods to Eat for Better Sleep | Culinary Craftiness


If you’re in the mood for a sweet snack before you head to bed, opt for a kiwi! This delicious fruit not only contains enough vitamin C to keep you going all day, but it also works to help your digestive health, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. Studies have also shown that this fruit can help you sleep, so eat it guilt-free.

Foods to Eat for Better Sleep | Culinary Craftiness

What you eat matters a lot when it comes to your quantity and quality of sleep. Boost your rest even more by creating an environment where you’ll go through all the stages of sleep and not keep waking in the night. This means a room without many distractions and lights and a good mattress.

Foods to Eat for Better Sleep | Culinary Craftiness

Thank you for sharing this very helpful and informative article with us about foods to eat for better sleep , Krista!

Happy eating and sleeping, y’all! 😴


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