How to Drop Those Extra Quarantine Pounds

Guest Contributor, Gabriel Patel of is here to share his tips on how to end emotional eating and drop those extra quarantine pounds. 🙂

It’s been weeks since we have been ordered to self-isolate, and there is now the prevailing hope that we’ll all be released from quarantine any day now. But of course, there’s always the question of whether you’re ready to face the world when that happens. Fears of a lingering virus notwithstanding, no doubt, many are entertaining worries of a different sort — that is, that they’re not at their best after having packed on the pounds during the quarantine.

How to Drop Those Extra Quarantine Pounds | Culinary Craftiness

Thankfully, it’s a fairly manageable concern, and with still a few weeks to go in self-isolation yet, there’s plenty of time to pull up your bootstraps and get back in tip-top shape to face the world anew with a bang. So without further ado, here’s how you can drop those unwanted quarantine pounds — or at least, avoid the dreaded “quarantine 15.”

Say Goodbye to Stress Eating

Being in quarantine is not only an inconvenient disruption of life as we knew it, but it has also proven to be both terribly boring and stressful. As a result, it’s no wonder that many have turned to the most reliable friend one could hope for at an emotionally charged time like this — food.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating as a pick-me-up. However, it is when food becomes your primary coping mechanism that it becomes a problem as this leads to an unhealthy cycle of eating when you’re stressed, bored, and/or lonely instead of addressing your real problem or feeling. Moreover, emotional eating tends to lead you astray, so you’ll find yourself craving junk and/or sugary comfort foods.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to recognize that stress eating is real and you’re probably doing it. Equally as important is identifying your triggers, which you can then redirect to other, more meaningful activities, such as meditation and/or exercise.

Start to Be More Mindful of What You Consume

No doubt, one of the very best ways to curb emotional eating is by eating mindfully. Essentially, this is paying more attention — and giving in — to the body’s need for food, as opposed to being driven to it by your emotional whims. Not only that, getting into the practice of mindful eating makes you more attentive toward what you consume, so you’re more apt to choose foods that are nutritious, as opposed to merely delicious and comforting.

Now, you may think that this is easier said than done when you’re limited to what you have in your pantry while in self-isolation. However, the fact is that there’s no dearth of healthy recipes that you can easily whip up from whatever you already have in your pantry. For instance, you can reinvent your boring can of tomato soup into a spinach tortellini soup, or even your box of mac and cheese into a healthier variant.

Suppress Your Appetite — Yes, You Can!

Of course, it’s one thing to know that you have to eat less and eat healthfully, but it’s definitely another to keep your appetite in check. In fact, you’ll find that suppressing hunger and fighting cravings will be among the hardest things that you will ever have to face in life.

One thing that works for many people is using supplements that work to suppress the appetite. It might be worth giving this a shot, especially if you have trouble curbing your enthusiasm for food. Essentially, such supplements can put your urge to eat in check. However, not all of these supplements are created equal and some may even be harmful, so it’s definitely more than wise to do your research and read up on the best appetite suppressants before you start using them.

Alternatively, you can also make use of natural appetite suppressants. You may even find that you already have many of these on hand at home, such as coffee, almonds, eggs, water, and so much more. It’s a safer way to go about it, too.

Indeed, it’s oft-said that weight loss starts in the kitchen, and there’s plenty of truth in that. But don’t forget to throw in regular exercise for the best results, too. And when you come out of quarantine as your best self, you’ll know the effort has been more than worth it.

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Drop Those Extra Quarantine Pounds

I hope you’ve found some useful info to help you drop those extra quarantine pounds. Check out all the ways you can get back on the right road to a healthier and happier you!

Be safe and well!


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