Autumn Harvest Stew – A Lovely, Hearty Meal

The cold weather has hit with a vengeance, hasn’t it? Makes you want to hunker down in front of a crackling fire with a steaming bowl of something filling and delicious. Like this Autumn Harvest Stew.☺

Autumn Harvest Stew - A Hearty Meal | Culinary Craftiness

If you don’t have a fireplace, put an electric heater at your feet, wrap yourself in a blanket. And find a cheerful fire simulation video for your computer monitor. Click HD and Full Screen on this video and sit back for a spell. Save it to a dvd and watch it on TV if you have to. 🙂

I found this one that rolls for 2 hours. But there are many more out there of varying lengths and styles. Now with the Youtube channel on Roku, Firestick, et al, it’s easier than ever to put a cozy fire on your screen. 🔥

Autumn Harvest Stew

As for the delicious something, this Autumn Harvest Stew hits the spot. A few pungent herbs, root vegetables, and smoked sausage lend great flavor to this dish. Add a slice or two of some crusty buttered bread and you’ll not give a fig about how cold it is outside. This is sure to make you sigh with contentment. 😊

Here’s a Crock Pot version.


Happy eating!

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